Mobile ranks #1 in nation for termite infestation

(image: MGN)

According to Terminix, Mobile ranks number one in the nation for termite infestation, based on the amount of homes with termites.

March 20th marks the official first day of spring, and with recent warmer temperatures, homeowners are already on high alert for termite activity.

"We get a lot of calls especially around May time frame and this time of the year," Terminix branch manager Thomas Hodges said.

Hodges says Mobile ranks highest because of the climate.

"Termites love water and they love moisture," he said. "Unfortunately as you know it can be cold one minute over here and rainy the next, that's just a harvesting ground for termites."

Besides calling a professional, you can help reduce the risk of termites getting into your home through proper yard upkeep, exterior home maintenance and moisture control.

Hodges said, "Wood creates moisture, it not only breathes termites but it also breathes any other insects you might have. You want to make sure you take it and move it as far away from the home as you possibly can."

You should also keep your gutters clean.

"After the water feels up it starts going behind the facial board then it gets on the interior of the home," Hodges said. "That is a leading cause for termites to get in because now you have a moisture content where wood is just sitting there and holding that."

Termites are attracted to light. If you don't want them swarming on your porch, you can change your light bulbs from white to yellow.

You can see the full list of rankings HERE.