Mobile city leaders want towing investigation to end

(WPMI) Mobile city leaders want towing investigation to end
(WPMI) Mobile city leaders want towing investigation to end

The investigation was launched to determine if towing companies were price gouging their customers. Two of those towing companies are defending themselves Tuesday.

“I have tried to do everything they asked me to do. They still have not approached me, called me about any charges,” said Gary Smith of SOS Towing.

Smith says now, he waits in fear that he will be criminally charged.

“All I want to do is be put back on the list as soon as possible and make a living for my family," said Smith.

City council members have urged the police department to speed up the investigation.

“I told the Chief that today, I hope they can finish up that investigation and be done with that,” said Fred Richardson.

Going into their second 30 day suspension, SOS Towing says they're financially crippled.

"85 to 95 percent of my business came from wrecks,” said Smith.

The story is the same at Southport towing.

They received a letter noting an alleged overcharge of more than $300.

NBC 15 asked Southport spokesperson Carol Martin, “does the company dispute the $300 overcharge in this letter?”

She replied, “Do we dispute it? Well, we haven't seen anything."

Smith had a similar answer.

“I have not seen any documents or anything that shows where my charges to anybody is outside any ordinance," Smith said.

Both companies also feel targeted, something Public Safety Director James Barber says is not true.

“It’s not a fishing expedition. These were specific complaints against these companies and that's why we are looking into these companies,” Barber said.