Mobile City Council spokeswoman fired

(img: WPMI) FILE: Mobile City Council

A spokesperson for the Mayor's Office tells NBC 15 that Mayor Sandy Stimpson has fired City Council spokeswoman Marion Steinfels after an apparent disagreement with councilors.

Council Vice President Levon Manzie released this statement on Steinfels' firing:

We are incredibly disappointed the Mayor has chosen to personally go after a staff member because of his disagreement with the Council.

For the past 2 years, Marion has been instrumental in helping us better connect with our citizens to ensure we are addressing their concerns and needs. She has served the citizens of Mobile well -spending countless nights and weekends putting together and executing everything from community events to job fairs - like the one that over 300 of our residents came out to this past Tuesday night.

We are hopeful the Administration will reconsider this action.

The Lagniappe reported that Steinfels was informed Thursday that her position would be eliminated, leaving her blindsided.

Her city issued phone was then shut off a few minutes later.

Steinfels was appointed by Stimpson in 2016.

There have recently been public arguments between administration officials and councilors over the 2019 budget amendments released last month.

Stimpson was caught off guard by some of the cuts made, so he responded on social media. Among other things, he said, "The council's cuts to the mayor's Innovation Team - which has done valuable work to eliminate blight across Mobile - are a stand against innovation. The cuts to Communications are a stand against transparency."

The city council publicly responded as well. They said, "The Mayor should not have been surprised by the Council's decision to move forward on the Budget."