Michael continues to impact Dauphin Island

(image: WPMI) Michael continues to impact Dauphin Island

Waves from Michael slammed Dauphin Island since Monday.

Flood waters on the west end of the island created impassible roadways for drivers and now the cleanup process begins.

From flooded cars to floating docks Hurricane Michael had a ripple effect on Dauphin Island.

Yesterday our crews hopped on a Humvee around noon it took an hour to travel through the deep flood water.

Sand covering the roads making the entire area of he west end look like one large beach with many vehicles stuck and debris everywhere.

On the east end sand wasn’t an issue floating pieces of docks jelly fish and sea foam made a bit of a road block.

Public works crews were able to quickly clear the east end and now large loader trucks and teams are working on the west.

From locals to vacationers everyone here says they are feeling thankful this is the worst of Michael on the island.

As crews work to clear the west end roadways the mayor says only four wheel vehicles can have access right now and police are still keeping this checkpoint in place.