MCHD: Odor in Midtown isn't from the company residents suspect

(IMGWPMI) MCHD: Odor in Midtown isn't from the company residents suspect

In March we spoke with Midtown residents who complained about a foul odor they suspected came from GAF Materials, a roofing and shingles company in Midtown Mobile.

"It just downright stinks," Sherry Kountz said. "The plant stinks, it smells like a rotten egg."

After months of investigating, Mobile County Health Department says GAF is not responsible for the odor.

In a press release it said, Data was shared with GAF so that they could match up the timing of the reported observations with the processes and weather occurring at the time at the plant. For all 18 occurrences, the wind direction meant it could not have been GAF, and in 16 out of 18 occurrences, GAF was not even running.

Instead it says another company could be linked to it.

However, officials aren't willing to release the company's name because they say they're not 100 percent sure the company is the source.

Meanwhile, they say that company ceased its operations in mid-December 2017 pending the installation of equipment to alleviate the odor.

We went back out to the Midtown neighborhood to speak with residents and ask if they noticed a change in the smell.

"I've noticed it's been less," Darrell Ewing said.

Ewing has lived in the neighborhood for 11 years. He says although it's not as strong, he still smells it.

"I have noticed it's been more faint and not as strong of an odor," he said. "but I always thought maybe GAF had something to do with it. But I'm surprised it wasn't GAF."

Just a block over from Ewing, Stephanie Jones says she still smells it the same as before.

"I definitely still smell it all the time," Jones said.

She says she still believes GAF has something to do with it.

"I know they've got to be doing something still with that place," she said.

MCHD says there's no evidence that the odor is hazardous to anyone's health.

Health officials say they are working with ADEM to figure out the source of the odor.