Mayor names Barber new Public Safety Director

(image: WPMI)

A promise to finally fill the vacant Mobile Fire Chief position, that's been left open for three years and a shuffling of police power in the city were just two major announcements revealed this morning during a news conference about the city's public safety sector.

After Public Safety Director Rich Landolt recently resigned, Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced Friday that Police Chief James Barber would be rising up the ranks into that position.

But for the first time, today, we are hearing what his focuses will be.

Chief Barber and Mayor Stimpson both promised that relieving the issues plaguing an understaffed fire-rescue department will be a top priority, and that includes putting a new fire chief in place.

Mobile has been without one for about three years,after conflict between several council members and the mayor over filling that position.

The mayor said Admiral Lindholt left a legacy of improving equipment, pay, and the diversity within the services and that the public safety director position is critical to the city.

The mayor's appointments have been submitted to the city council for approval.