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Mobile-area rapper Yung Bleu opens Gwen's House restaurant in Mobile

(WPMI) Local rapper opens Gwen's House restaurant in Mobile
(WPMI) Local rapper opens Gwen's House restaurant in Mobile

Gwen's House made its debut Tuesday.

Local rapper Yung Bleu bought the building to give back to the community.

He also made dreams come true for Gwendolyn Crawford.

They've been planning and dreaming of opening up a restaurant.

"Gwen's House" is located on Government Boulevard just east of Knollwood.

It's the beginning of new blessings for Gwendolyn Crawford and her godson Jeremy Biddle, better known as rapper Young Bleu.

"I am excited, too. I am so happy," said Crawford.

Their brand new restaurant Gwen's House will soon be open for business, but for them it's more than just business.

"Making it come from where it started from is just amazing, really. We've been planning this for awhile" said Bleu.

"It's been a dream of mine forever. I never thought I would be here right now, especially with what I been through, but it's either cook or cry at this point and I am here. I am here to cook," she said.

It's a very special moment for Gwen.

Cooking is what's kept her going during a heartbreaking time in her life.

In March, her son Ty'Corey Crawford was shot and killed while playing a video game inside his own home.

To this day police haven't been able to find his killer.

In the midst of this tragedy, Gwen says she found peace in cooking for the community, putting her heart and soul into the food.

"Keep people happy and feeding them. It's healing me. It's healing me and helping me," she said.

She says Ty'Corey was the band-aid to the family holding everyone together.

Yung Bleu says he decided to invest in making the dreams of opening this restaurant and creating jobs for others become a reality.

"Bleu is bringing it to the city. He is bringing jobs and it's perfect. My godson stepped up and said lets do this. This has been your passion. Let's just bless the city," said Crawford.

All with Ty'Corey as their motivation.

"RIP Ty'Corey. We do this for you," said Bleu.

"I'm definitely doing it for my baby. He knew how to cook everything. I taught Ty everything. For me to keep going after he passed, I know he's right over my shoulder. My picture at home, he's right over my shoulder. I know he's here right now. He's here. He's here and he's happy," she said.

Gwen's House will also have a food truck coming soon.

The family says even if you're going through a tragedy to keep striving.

"Just keep going, keep striving, go as high as you can go. Don't quit," said Yung Bleu.