Latest Mobile homicide rattles residents


There have been 24 homicides this year in Mobile, the latest happening this weekend.

The Knollwood apartment complex is one of the larger complexes in Mobile, located right across from one side of Medal of Honor Park.

“I often see a lot of people over here, so I think it needs some police presence,” said one jogger.

The body of an adult man, identified as 23-year-old Taheed King, was found at the apartments at 11:30 a.m Saturday.

A time when plenty of people are using that nearby park.

“Families, children playing all the time,” the jogger said.

Sunday, homicide detectives went to a house more than 15 minutes away, to a home on Alba road which is near RV Taylor.

NBC 15 was there, and saw authorities removing items from the home and towing away a car.

A homicide investigator on scene would not confirm it was related to the shooting at Knollwood Apartments

The police presence on Alba rattled neighbors.

“I have only been living here for three years, since 2017, and I actually don't feel safe,” one Alba Street resident said.

She hopes community leaders step up to help stop the violence.

“I think that you know, the pastors and adults that are older need to try and get involved, and try and see what's going on, because it's not going to stop,” she said.

At the park, just across from the street from where a man lost his life Saturday.

The jogger has a message, too, “It’s nonsense, it's crazy. It's not worth it. If they would stop and pause and think, I think we have lost the value of human life nowadays, people don't think, they just act."

This makes six unsolved homicides for the year so far.