Investigators: Semmes widow swindled by Wilmer weasel

(IMAGE:WPMI)Investigators: Semmes widow swindled by Wilmer weasel

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office says Jeremy Ivy, 43, promised a senior in Semmes he'd do a home remodeling project, but the only action investigators say he took was cashing her checks. NBC 15’s Andrea Ramey shares the senior’s ongoing nightmare.

There’s evidence construction started at Virginia Robertson’s Semmes home, but she says, the site’s been idle for six months, leaving her with a big mess and an empty bank account.

"He never did anything," said Robertson.

This Semmes widow wanted to make her home more handicap accessible and fix her fence. What she got instead were empty promises and shoddy results that allowed her goats to get out and roam into the street.

How high is the 71-year-old’s frustration level?

"Is there anything that comes after so high you don’t know? That’s my frustration level," said Robertson.

Robertson says a weasel from Wilmer swindled her out of her hard-earned savings. Jeremy Ivy is charged with financial exploitation of the elderly.

"Don’t be as gullible as I was," said Robertson.

"He cashed two separate checks. One for $14,000 and one for roughly $16,000," said Cpl. Josh Rhodes with the Mobile County Sheriff's Office.

Plus, investigators say, there was another $4,000 in credit card charges at hardware stores for materials Ivy kept.

"The investigators that worked the case, they believe he built a shed at his property," said Rhodes.

We caught up with Ivy at a newer looking shed on his Wilmer property. He told us no comment.

Robertson says she’s like her $34,000 back, but more than anything, she wants what she was promised.

"I just hope there’s someone out there that can come and help me," said Robertson. "This is just a mess no one should have to live like this."

Online records do not show Ivy being a licensed contractor through the state.

The sheriff’s office says if you’ve had similar dealings, contact their office.