MCHD tests hundreds of people for COVID-19 ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

(WPMI) Hundreds across Mobile County get free COVID-19 testing ahead of Thanksgiving
(WPMI) Hundreds across Mobile County get free COVID-19 testing ahead of Thanksgiving

The Mobile County Health Department hosted free COVID-19 testing at six different locations across the county as part of the Know Before You Go campaign on Saturday.

MCHD Dr. Scott Chavers said people lined up starting at 5:30 Saturday morning to take advantage of free testing.

He and other health officials are urging everyone to get tested before gathering with family over the holidays.

“All of our numbers are going in the wrong direction and we need to do everything we can to slow the spread of COVID-19,” Chavers said.

MCHD Executive Director of Family Health Kelly Warren said she doesn’t want families to unknowingly spread the virus to each other.

“They may be feeling fine and not realize that they could actually be positive and so to come out and be able to take a test to know one way or the other whether to continue with plans was safe or socializing measures in place or to forgo things this year and stay home,” Warren said.

Each of the six free testing sites were equipped with 200 COVID-19 test kits, but some ran out and had to get more for those waiting.

Dr. Chavers said he wants people to be thinking about their loved one’s health and wellbeing as plans are made.

“As you’re visiting your relatives particularly those that are over 65 years of age or have some underlying health conditions that you’re not exposing them to Covid really really need to be careful with those that are higher risk for some of the worst outcomes with COVID infections,” Chavers said.

Warren joins the growing number of health officials pleading with the public to do the right thing when it comes to COVID-19.

“We know that you’re tired of COVID. We are all tired of COVID-19 but please keep up those good behaviors of safe socializing, wearing your mask, keep a 6-foot distance, wash your hands, and get your flu shot if you haven’t,” Warren said.

There is still time to get tested before Thanksgiving you can call 251-690-8889 for more information.