Gun rights group holds event in downtown Mobile

(WPMI) Gun rights group holds event in downtown Mobile
(WPMI) Gun rights group holds event in downtown Mobile

The debate on stricter gun laws remains a hot topic as mass shootings continue to plague the country.

Dozens of gun rights advocates gathered in downtown Mobile at Moe's BBQ for an event Saturday—many carrying their guns.

"I feel like as a woman I would like to have the right to protect myself," BamaCarry member Theresa Nguyen said.

Nguyen is a member of Mobile County’s BamaCarry chapter. She along with others like Chad Summerlin believe in the right to carry.

"We have over 20,000 gun laws on the books today," Summerlin said. "Adding more gun laws is not going to help."

With the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Summerlin says instead of stricter gun laws --law makers should focus more on mental health.

"Most of these shooters of these mass shootings are people who should be in a mental institution," he said. "Right now the mental institutions have almost been eradicated from the United States. Those people need to be committed. Nobody wants a person who has mental problems to have a gun."

Summerlin says being able to protect yourself could stop potential mass shooters from taking lives.

"These mass shooters, it's easy for them to go to a gun free zone and shoot people," he said. "So where here saying hey we want civilians armed to be able to protect themselves and their family."

BamaCarry has more than 30 chapters across Alabama.