Storm victims react to extensive flooding, wind damage in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach

(WPMI) Gulf Coast neighborhoods ravaged by flooding, intense wind from Hurricane Sally
(WPMI){ }Gulf Coast neighborhoods ravaged by flooding, intense wind from Hurricane Sally

Flooding and intense wind gusts from Hurricane Sally ravaged the Alabama Gulf Coast and killed at least one person in Orange Beach.

Many coastal Alabama neighborhoods are still covered in water, and homes are battered, one day after the storm brought hours of torrential rain and fierce winds to the Gulf Coast.

Orange Beach resident Matt Wilson and his family rode out the storm along Marina Road near Perdido Pass.

“Our house had windows blow out at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. and the whole house was shaking like a boat on the water. It was scary, it really was,” said Wilson.

NBC 15 couldn't get to Wilson's home because of flooding, so he shared pictures and videos of the damage.

“Our dock is obviously gone. Everything on the ground floor is gone. We ended up leaving the house during the eye of the storm, and waded through about 5 feet of water to get to the neighbor's house arm in arm,” Wilson said.

In Gulf Shores, Highway 59 dead ends at high water about a mile from the beach.

Mike Vansickler rode out the storm in his condo. On Wednesday, he was forced to use his kayak to get further inland.

“We saw probably 100 plus mile an hour winds. It got a little hairy. The building moved a little bit, but it’s probably the safest place to be,” said Vansickler.

Other folks stuck on the coast used canoes or braved the waters on foot, while the National Guard and search and rescue teams used high water vehicles to go back and forth.

Richie Montelaro owns King Neptune’s restaurant in Gulf Shores. He surveyed the damage done to his business for the first time.

“A little bit of water went in there, but I’m very thankful. Down there they had a lot more water," Montelaro said.

Orange Beach city officials say one person is still missing. No details about that person or the person killed in the storm are available at this time.