FBI believes group may be involved in local murder, $25K reward


A $25,000 reward is on the table for more information in a local murder case. The FBI says it believes an organization may be involved.

31-year-old William Hale was shot and killed in Prichard on Canada Court in September 2015. His sister says almost two years have gone by with no answers.

"We haven't gotten any closure as a whole," Sylvia Hale-Jones said.

In hopes of getting answers family members offered a $15,000 reward. The FBI along with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency are now offering $10,000 more.

Agents say they believe more than one person may be responsible.

"In this particular instance we feel the crime may be the linchpin in going after a larger organization," Special Agent Robert Lasky said.

He says the FBI is now trying to attack the organization not just individuals.

"Anytime you have a group of individuals engage in an activity it becomes more dangerous to the general public," Lasky said. "The organization itself poses a danger not only from violence but from drug dealing and other street related crimes."

Hale's sister agrees more than one person was involved. She hopes the $25,000 will get someone to talk.

"If we can have just one person come forward and give the family just a little closure," she said.

If you have any information on William Hale's murder contact Prichard police or the FBI 251-438-3674.