Family of man killed by Hoover police officer demand release of shooting video

(IMG: WPMI){ }Family of man killed by Hoover police officer demand release of shooting video

The family of a man mistakenly shot and killed by a police officer at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover is calling on the Hoover Police Department to release all videos of the shooting.

E.J. Bradford Jr.'s family says the department "rushed to judgement" and say they were devastated to learn of the shooting through social media.

The shooting happened Thanksgiving evening.

Officers initially thought the 21-year-old fired the shots that injured an 18-year-old man and 12 -year-old girl.

But after further investigation, the police department later announced E.J. was not the shooter, saying he may have been involved in "some aspect of the altercation."

On Sunday his father, a retired correction's officer, said his son had a concealed carry permit and called on law enforcement to clear his son's name.

"To them it's E.J. being murdered, shot in the face by the people who are supposed to protect and serve him on Thanksgiving. How will they ever celebrate Thanksgiving again?" asked the family's attorney Benjamin Crump.

"The Chief of Police needs to address it too, because that was unacceptable, and it will never be acceptable by my book, and it hurts me to the core," said Bradford's father. "My son is gone, can't get him back. You vilified my son like he was a straight criminal."

The family plans to hold a rally outside the Hoover City Jail Monday night to demand that police release videos of the shooting from the mall.