Deputy hit in fiery Bayway crash talks to NBC 15 News

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bayway fire.jpg

A fiery crash on the Bayway shut down I-10 for seven hours. A semi-truck plowed into the back of a sheriff's deputy. Miraculously, no one was injured. State Troopers say the semi-truck driver is cooperating and no charges or tickets issued for the driver. Today, NBC 15's Andrea Ramey spoke with the deputy hit.

Not many people walk away without a scratch after a semi-truck slams into their back of their car, but that's what happened to Deputy Admire Gant Monday night.

"I think I'm truly blessed. It's a blessing, you know," said Gant.

Gant says he was following a crew picking debris off the shoulder of I-10 and had come to a stop when the semi hit him.

"I think I was pushed about 60 feet," said Gant. "I was more concerned about going over the barrier and going into the bay, at night, murky water. That was my main concern."

The seatbelt Gant was wearing kept him safely inside the car.

Shortly after the rig hit him, it burst into flames.

"This was an impressive fire," said ALDOT Maintenance Engineer Jason Shaw.

ALDOT says within an hour of the accident bridge, inspectors were on scene. By five o'clock this morning an inspection was completed and I-10 re-opened.

"There is visible damage, but it's primarily cosmetic. We will do a repair, especially on the rail, but structurally everything is fine," said Shaw.

"It truly could have been avoided. I mean blue lights, caution lights. I mean it's at night time on a straightaway. It's kind of hard to miss all of that in front of you," said Gant.

Gant said the semi driver appeared to be in a daze after the wreck, staring at the rig. Gant says the driver did apologize for hitting him. Troopers would not say if the semi-truck driver was speeding or distracted.