Rabid fox causes concern in Daphne neighborhood

(MGN / Neil McIntosh / CC BY 2.0) Daphne police confirm rabid fox found in Lake Forest
(MGN / Neil McIntosh / CC BY 2.0) Daphne police confirm rabid fox found in Lake Forest

Daphne Police confirmed that a fox found in the Lake Forest neighborhood on Tuesday morning tested positive for rabies.

Rabid fox attacks and sightings have been reported throughout Baldwin County since 2018.

Don Witt and his wife became the latest people to encounter a rabid fox in their own Daphne neighborhood.

"I'm just afraid that if there's one, there may be more. So I would encourage people to watch their pets and watch their children," said Witt.

Witt and his wife were walking through Lake Forest when they spotted the fox lying motionless near a home on Country Club Drive. The couple assumed the animal was dead and called police and animal control.

"We approached the fox so I could see the cross-street. The fox raised its head up and started staring at us. Naturally, that kind of bothered us a bit," Witt said.

Witt said he and his wife ran to the fenced-in tennis court nearby. They then waited for authorities to arrive.

"I didn't think he could get inside the gate of the tennis court but he was still watching us. My wife was pacing back and forth. She was a little bit nervous," said Witt.

There have been at least 9 rabid fox attacks in Baldwin County since last May. The most recent attack happened in March, when a Fairhope woman was bitten in her own driveway.

Sgt. Jason Vannoy with the Daphne Police Department said there were clear signs that the fox was rabid.

"It was not running from people and you usually don't see them in the day time. We've been seeing more of it, so it is concerning," Sgt. Vannoy said.

Witt believes it was the same fox his neighbors saw chasing a bicyclist earlier this week.

While Witt is glad the rabid animal is gone, he's worried more could be out there.

"You're always concerned about that. There's a lot of children in this neighborhood, plus school starts back tomorrow," said Witt.

Authorities said the fox was captured without a fight, and was euthanized.

Police encourage anyone who sees foxes or wild animals behaving strangely to get away, and contact law enforcement immediately.