Consumer Alert: Carnival still cruising into Mobile

(IMAGE:WPMI)Consumer Alert: Carnival still cruising into Mobile
(IMAGE:WPMI)Consumer Alert: Carnival still cruising into Mobile

Carnival cruises have offered low-prices fares on one of the fleets oldest ships docking in Mobile since its return in 2016.

Since then, there have been consistent rumors of another ship serving the port city, but nothing has come to fruition yet.

Carnival just renewed the fantasy's contract in Mobile through November 2019, but Mayor Stimpson hopes outreach yields another big boat.

“We had an opportunity to engage with carnival and of course met a lot of other people who are in the cruise business,” Stimpson told NBC 15.

The Seatrade Maritime Conference was attended by a mobile delegation of 7, including the city's finance director, Paul Wesch.

“We’re just kind of keeping our fingers in the pot right now,” the mayor said.

Those fingers in the pot included mingling with Jerry Hyndes, mayor of Roatan, an island off the Honduran coast.

The mayor posted on social media saying the goal of that conversation was a potential cruise between Mobile and Roatan in the future.

Carnival cruise lines is dealing with a big legal hurdle that will be decided this summer; they're in hot water for allegedly dumping oil into the ocean.

If a federal judge decides to, she can prevent all carnival ships from docking in the U.S., including Carnival Fantasy.

“I really don't know enough about it, I think Carnival realizes it's a serious threat and I am sure that they will deal with it."

If something isn't worked out and carnival cruises are halted, Mobile stands to lose a portion of an annual $6.5 million profit the fantasy brings in to the city, according to city officials.