City of Mobile hasn't delivered on Public Works pay raises

(IMAGE: WPMI) City of Mobile hasn't delivered on Public Works pay raises

Public Works employees tell NBC 15 News the promised 5% pay raise the city council passed in September hasn't shown up on their paycheck.

"And all of the employees are wondering why. So am I," said Wesley Young.

Young is President of the Public Service Workers and represents more than 100 city employees. He says three pay periods have come and gone since the raise was approved.

"So, to this day we are wondering where are the 5% raises for the employees?," said Young. "Total frustration."

Council members were also surprised to learn the employees hadn't gotten their raises.

"The budget simply says you can spend money, the budget doesn't say that you must spend money," said Councilman John Williams.

"But when you passed the budget, it was your understanding all of these folks were going to get raises," asked NBC 15's Andrea Ramey.

"It was my hope they would get raises," replied Williams.

When asked about the raises, a spokesperson for the mayor said, "The Administration is in the process of implementing a public works incentive program that will improve services for our citizens and reward our hardworking employees." When asked if that means workers weren't getting raises, we were told that details will be shared "later."

"That's not the way we want it to be. That's not proper," said Young.

Young says an incentive program was already discussed and workers are against it.

"Then you start hand-picking people," said Young.