Caught on Camera: Toddler wandering along busy road in Prichard

(IMG:WPMI){ }Caught on Camera: Toddler wandering along busy road

A disturbing video circulating on social media captures a toddler wandering all alone along the side of a busy road.

NBC 15’s Nicole Fierro spoke exclusively to the women who recorded the video and made sure that child was safe.

The two good Samaritans were making their way down North Shelton Beach Road from Saraland into Prichard when they spotted the unthinkable out of the window.

Cell phone video captures a little girl, just old enough to walk, hobbling down the road right around lunchtime Tuesday.

The good Samaritans say there were no parents or adults around, only the little girl and her toy plush caterpillar that is larger than she is.

The sight prompted the two strangers to pull over immediately and call 911.

NBC 15 News went to the location of this dangerous situation. The speed limit is set at 30 mph, but we captured cars zooming by in both directions regularly.

A couple of steps in the wrong direction and there’s no telling what could have happened to this little child.

The Samaritans say 15 minutes after they stopped to help, a woman, who they believe is the girl’s mother, came and took her down a gravel driveway into their home.

Wednesday, officers with Prichard Police Department retraced the girl’s steps with the two women who stopped to help.

PPD says this viral video has prompted an investigation into the welfare of this child who is lucky to be alive.

Officials with the department tell NBC 15 News they will provide us with an update on Thursday.

As soon as the investigation is complete, NBC 15 News will have an exclusive interview with the good Samaritans who may have saved this baby’s life.