Catastrophic flooding possible as Florence could stall on the Carolina coast

Catastrophic flooding possible as Florence could stall on the Carolina coast (IMG:WPMI)

Florence is a major category 3 hurricane on a crash course with the Carolinas. The formidable storm will bring life-threatening storm surge and heavy rain to the Carolinas and the Mid-Atlantic states. Tomorrow night into Friday morning is the most likely time frame for landfall along the North Carolina coast. However, the storm's center could linger along the coast for 12-24 hours. Adding to the catastrophic potential is the flooding that will follow as the storm stalls out, not just along the coast, but inland as well. Some areas could receive 20-30" of rain and isolated amounts of 35"+ are not out of the question!

Hurricane Helene is a category 1 hurricane on the other side of the Atlantic will slowly weaken over the next few days as it heads north toward colder waters of the north Atlantic Ocean.

Isaac is a tropical storm and is moving west toward the Caribbean. Isaac will gradually weaken as it cruises through the Caribbean. However, as long as it is an organized tropical system in that area, we'll keep an eye on it.

Joyce is a new sub-tropical storm in the northeast Atlantic that, like Helene, will stay on that side of the ocean and not pose a threat to the U.S.

We're also still watching a cluster of showers and storms over the south-central Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center gives it a 70% formation chance over the next 5 days. It most likely will continue heading west towards northern Mexico and the Texas Gulf Coast. At this time I don't see it being a threat to our part of the Gulf Coast.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Dunn