Car crashes into DIP cemetery damaging tombstones

Car crashes into DIP cemetery damaging tombstones

Mobile Police say Johnathan Leonard plowed into grave stones at the Pine Crest Cemetery Thursday night after attempting to avoid a traffic stop.

Daylight unveils the damage Leonard left behind at Pine Crest Cemetery after flipping his car through the fence, rolling over a beloved mother's grave and knocking over 5 headstones as if they were bowling pins.

A good Samaritan tells NBC 15 he made a citizen’s arrest Thursday night after pinning Leonard down as he took off running from the cemetery.

“I just feel bad,” good Samaritan Walker Mixon said.

Mixon spotted the crash on his way home Thursday night and pulled over immediately. He took a Facebook live video of the aftermath. The footage shows the Volkswagen bug Leonard was driving mangled in the middle of the cemetery after it completely rolled over on to the graves.

Video captures the car airbags deployed and all, yet Leonard still managed to take off and leave the scene of the accident.

“It was kind of crazy, you know,” Mixon said, adding “I don't know what the situation was but I know, if it was me, I wouldn't run away from an accident like that.”

Mixon tells NBC 15 he acted after spotting Leonard trying to take off from police once again. He ran after the runaway and pinned him down at Hart's Fried Chicken across the street on Dauphin Island Parkway.

“I guess he might have thought I was a police officer at first because of the way my work uniform is, but after I pinned him down he said, ‘What is this a citizen’s arrest,’” Mixon said, adding “I told him ‘Pretty much that's what it is.’ He wasn't resisting or anything after we caught him. I think he was worn out, to be honest.”

Mobile Police arrested Leonard's and charged him with attempting to elude and leaving the scene of an accident.

Employees at Pine Crest Cemetery say each knocked over headstone will be picked back up and fixed.