Baldwin County volunteer group rescuing flood victims in aftermath of Hurricane Florence

(IMG: WPMI / Cory Pippin){ }Baldwin County volunteer group rescuing flood victims in aftermath of Hurricane Florence

As the East Coast continues to deal with flooding and destruction from Hurricane Florence, local volunteers remain on the ground to help residents impacted by the devastating storm.

Members of the search and rescue team "Geaux Rescue" have been in place in North Carolina since last week. They're assisting first responders and helping save lives.

Hurricane Florence moved through the Carolinas and left a trail of swamped out roads and submerged neighborhoods in its wake.

Many storm victim's lives are upside down, and some are fighting to survive.

Numerous first responders and volunteers have jumped into action to help.

The Gulf Coast group Geaux Rescue is one of those teams hard at work in North Carolina.

"We like to do all our stuff in small towns. The bigger towns get a majority of the help. We like to concentrate on the small towns that are overlooked," said George Ruiz, Geaux Rescue's founder.

NBC 15 caught up with Ruiz, a Coast Guard veteran, last week as he gathered supplies before leaving to meet his team.

Ruiz said on Thursday that he and his team rode out the vicious storm in an RV.

Geaux Rescue then used boats and other equipment to assist local fire departments. So far, Geaux Rescue has performed around a 120 rescues in flood prone rural neighborhoods.

"It's a broad gamut of what we've done. Our very first rescue by boat was a young female with young daughters. We got one gentleman that was in a wheelchair. We got the elderly," Ruiz said.

Ruiz and his team are also assisting with clean up. They've been removing debris from storm victim's properties.

Geaux Rescue has been involved in numerous Gulf Coast operations, including the search for 17-year-old Jevon Lemke. Lemke disappeared into rough surf off Fort Morgan in March.

The team was also on the ground in Texas during Hurricane Harvey and in Florida during Hurricane Irma.

Ruiz said the conditions in the Carolinas are heartbreaking and that's what makes their work all worth it.

"Especially when you knock on somebody's door in waist deep water and you see the look of relief on their face that they're able to get out of that," said Ruiz.

Geaux Rescue is also working with a Californian group called No Town Left Behind. Together, they will set up a food bank and distribution center for storm victims.

Ruiz says Geaux Rescue to remain in North Carolina until late next week.