Baldwin Co. School Superintendent outlines upcoming school tax vote

(image: Baldwin County seal){ }{ }Baldwin Co. School Superintendent outlines school tax vote

Baldwin County School Superintendent Eddie Tyler issued a statement to explain the upcoming school tax vote voters will decide on at the polls December 12.


Next Tuesday, December 12th voters will head to the polls for the U.S. Senate race but there is another issue on the ballot important to all of us.

On Tuesday, voters will be asked to renew a 1 mil county wide school taxes worth about $4 Million in local funding to our schools.

Now, this is NOT a new tax. This is only a renewal of existing school taxes having been paid for nearly 100 years. It is very important that you help friends and family know that this is NOT a new tax.

I know we have had a few of these to vote on over the last several years but the good news is that this is the last renewal for nearly 30 years!

I want you to know that the Baldwin County School System is NOT campaigning for this renewal. We made a commitment to not spend tax payer funding advocating or manipulating voters to vote for something, and you’ll notice that I am not asking you to vote yes, or even suggesting how you should vote. I think our works over the last few years speaks loudest about how hard we are trying.

From our boardroom to our classrooms, every employee from top to bottom has worked hard over the past few years to improve our Baldwin County Public Schools. I am proud of what they have done, and I am just as proud of how our parents have surrounded us and stepped up to help with local fundraising and volunteer support. Folks, I am confident in letting our body of work speak for itself.

While I am confident that our community will choose to recommence these taxes, it is vital that people know what they are actually voting for (a renewal NOT a new tax) and that they don’t leave the voting house before voting on the renewal.

Of course, there is some opposition to this, but many of those who have been previously opposed are standing with us on this vote. Either way, we cannot become complacent. We must educate people to know the difference between a new tax and a renewal of an already existing tax and encourage them to vote on Tuesday.

Thank you for trusting us with your kids. Thank you for your past support. Everything we do in our classrooms is possible because of the trust and support you continue to give us. Please take a step to help us by spreading the word about this tax RENEWAL and encourage people to exercise their right as a U.S. Citizen and GO VOTE!

Community Strong

Baldwin Proud

Eddie Tyler