ALDOT clarifies I-10 bridge project misconceptions

(WPMI) ALDOT clarifies I-10 bridge project misconceptions
(WPMI) ALDOT clarifies I-10 bridge project misconceptions

The cost of the Bayway is alarming to many, coming in at over $2 billion.

We spoke to ALDOT spokesperson Allison Gregg about the latest concerns.

“The Bayway is a large part of the project. It's about 7 and a half miles. And that is going to be an eight lane structure, and it's rather expensive to build that,” she said.

Congressman Bradley Byrne told us Monday he believes the plan needs a pause button.

Gregg says, not so fast.

“ALDOT has been working on this project for 22 years,” she said.

It's not stopping now.

“Stopping the project isn't really an option for ALDOT right now. We are committed to bringing this project to fruition,” said Gregg.

Their traffic studies foreshadow a nightmare worse than a Friday during beach season.

"20 years from now, our congestion is going to be so bad, it's going to be comparable to what we call holiday weekend travel."

She wants to clarify. Even when shovels meet dirt, funding could still be dug up.

“We are including a 'buy down clause,' as part of the contractual agreement, which gives ALDOT the opportunity to buy down the toll should funds become available," said Gregg.

Byrne told us he takes issue with one element of the project in particular.

“They decided to replace the spans across the bay. There is no requirement to replace the spans,” said Byrne on Monday.

Gregg disputed that.

“We are looking at moving it at 10-14 feet higher, and that's moving it out of the 100 year storm surge level," she said.

Gregg also wanted to clarify that the proposal does not include a bike and pedestrian path.