Alabamians travel across state lines to bet on National Championship game


People in Alabama can’t bet on the national championship game, but people right next door in Mississippi can play all they want.

Sports betting became legal in Mississippi in August last year and Monday night plenty of people turned out to bet on the Tide or Tigers.

When it comes to betting at the Beau Rivage Sports Book you can bet on almost anything. You can bet on who scores first, who scores last, and even the coin toss.

There’s big screens when you walk in that display everything you need to know about every bet on the table.

Some people like to bet it all.

"$10,000 on Alabama,” one man said showing off his receipt. “Alabama is going to crush Clemson."

He wasn’t alone. Those sitting in the reserve seats all bet on some element of the game, most of them on Alabama.

“I bet heavy on Alabama,” David Gross said.

The people we talked to all said they enjoy betting and it makes them feel more involved in the game.

"That's something that entices me to come here and frequent the establishment to bet and wager on games,” Gross said.

He says the rush is like no other.

"It's very exhilarating, very nerve-racking," said Gross.

The man who bet 10 grand came from another state that doesn’t allow sports betting — Tennessee.

While neither Alabama nor Tennessee can bet on sports, you can in Mississippi, and they’re excited to play and bet on a team that’s right next door.