Alabama oyster season cancelled due to shortage

(IMAGE: WPMI) Alabama oyster season cancelled due to shortage

Alabama harvesters are being told there will not be an oyster season!

Oysters can still be harvested in Mobile Bay, but out in the Gulf is a different story.

"We haven't had a good productive oyster season in probably over ten years," says Kendall Stork.

Fisherman will no longer be able to hit the water harvesting wild oysters off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a halt that doesn't come as a surprise for many.

"A lot of times it's because of the storms and the hurricanes. They stir up the waters and mess up the beds so bad that there is no way for people to go catch them," says Lynn Neal.

Oyster plant manager Donald Barber says storms aren't the main issue.

"Alabama never stopped harvesting like everybody else. Alabama never stopped they went all year long and raped everything that was out there then," Donald adds.

After the oil spill, the oysters were moved from Mobile Bay towards Foul River. Harvesters tell me the oysters died there because of lack of oxygen.

"They planted them in the wrong spot not taking into consideration the tide changes and it killed everything," says Donald.

“It was a bad location - a bad place to plant and it just didn't work out,” says Brad Barber.

Lighthouse restaurant employee Lynn Neal says her restaurant is known for their oysters and hopes this new change doesn't effect her customers.

"It's a sad situation and you hate to think about people coming in here wanting to get oysters a lot of times people come from far away and we are going to have to say we don't have any for ya so it's kind of heartbreaking," adds Neal.

Harvesters say it could be years before oyster plants will see another oyster from Alabama.

“It will take a long time to get back to normal and I don't know if it ever will,” adds Brad.