Alabama Game & Fish cracks down on illegal hunting in Tensaw Delta flood waters

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(image: WPMI) Alabama Game and Fish cracking down on illegal hunting in flood waters

You've heard --- "It’s like shooting fish in a barrel."

Well ... now at the height of Alabama hunting season some people are doing just that. Only some hunters are shooting wild hogs and even deer as the animals try to escape rising flood waters.

It’s happening in North Baldwin County along the Tensaw Delta where waters having been rising and rivers are expected to crest soon. Game wardens are cracking down on the illegal activity. In the past week more than 30 citations have been issued to illegal hunters, most, game wardens say are people who know better but do it anyway.

With more than 8 to 10 feet of water on any piece of land along the Delta wildlife conservation officers released video that shows wild hogs scrambling to find dry land.

"everything is displaced in the delta right now. anything from a snake, racoon, deer, turkey pig whatever it may be its home is flooded," said Chris Nix with Alabama Wildlife and Conservation.

Even with boat launches covered in flood waters people who hunt are getting out there and even though most are hunting legally and understand that it is illegal to shoot at an animal is distress, some have decided to break the law anyway.

"Ethically it’s not a correct way to hunt you want to be able to give your game reasonable room to escape and that’s called hunting this is just killing," said Nix.

Officers say these are game animals seeking refuge from flood waters. "You have to have 40 contiguous acres of property to hunt and we've had a lot of comments this week about the 40 acres and how to distinguish between if you do have enough property. Right not in the delta proper not considering the high grounds around the edges in the delta there are zero acres so its not hard to tell there's nothing to hunt out there right now legally," said Nix.

Fines and penalties differ with each case, conservation officers say its about getting the word out that this is just wrong and illegal. The last time rivers flooded like this was in 2016. This flood could last for up to two weeks.