Over 100,00 expected for 46th Annual Shrimp Festival


Here at the National Shrimp Festival shrimp comes in all sizes, all flavors; you name it.

More than 100,000 are expected to attend the 46th Annual Shrimp Festival this weekend. Today's activities got underway at 10am and will continue through Sunday.

This festival this year almost didn't happen. A week ago Hurricane Nate was staring down upon us. Even though crews were delayed because of the storm everything was set up without any problems.

Here at the National Shrimp Festival shrimp comes in all sizes, all flavors; you name it.

"We love it. its fun its a good time, the sun everything these are my friend they've been coming with me, my husband its a good time. So its a family affair? that's right and friends," said Angie McKee visiting from Tennessee.

This festival is tradition for locals and visitors too. "Is it your first time at the shrimp festival? Its my second. What made you come back for the second time. Shrimp," said Art Maynes who is also visiting from Tennessee.

Makes sense, and the crowds keep coming. " So we have BRATS shuttle stops set up all over Gulf Shores and in Orange Beach. You need to go to to find those locations," said Festival Chairman Spencer Cade.

This will be the last year where this festival looks the way it does.

The City Of Gulf Shores is in the process of remolding the beachfront - now known as Gulf Place.

Phase One to the West is now complete and after the festival Phase Two will get underway just in time for Spring.

"Heavily landscaped area with a beach boardwalk that will connect to the first phase, restroom facilities and a town green, shade structures, benches its really a pedestrian location for people to come to the beach and have a park atmosphere at the beach," said Grant Brown with the City of Gulf Shores.

After this year's Shrimp Festival the main public beach will close for the renovations. Tomorrow however Country music star Jerrod Nieman will take the stage here at 8pm. Free to the public.