USA's first and only head football coach resigns

joey jones.PNG
joey jones.PNG

Today's announcement is curious considering the timing, but the fact that Joey Jones is leaving the university is not a huge surprise to those who follow the football program closely.

While there have been a lot of memorable moments since the Jaguars first took the field in 2009, what it's been lacking, especially lately, is consistency and the ability to contend for a conference championship.

Jones didn't speak to the media Monday, and while all football coaches are under pressure, he was under more than most in the final year of his contract. Jones had no security beyond this season which is highly unusual in today's college sports world.

The timing of this announcement is curious, but Erdmann says the decision was Jones'.

The decision was not taken lightly but if you examin the decision and his words in the press released you can clearly see the decision is based on what is best for the program which speaks best for the man as a leader.

Erdmann says the search for Jones' successor begins immediately, and while he set no timeline, the desire is to have a new coach in place as soon as possible.