Room Service Via Robot


How would you like room service via robot? A San Francisco area company has created a rolling concierge service. If you've ever been at a hotel and it's late and night and you really don't want to make your way down to the front desk, well call "Relay" and he'll bring you whatever you need.

It's delivery 24/7, from the lobby to the elevator, and straight to your Crown Plaza hotel room.

Silicon Valley startup "Savioke" built it. "Relay" comes with sensors to help it get up to you. Then the robot will call when it arrives at your door. All you do is open up and taken whatever it is that you ordered.

"Typically in the middle of the night there's one person on staff, so they're stuck at the desk. Now, a hotel can offer a delivery service they couldn't offer before," said Savioke CEO Steve Cousins.

There are four of these robots right now in Silicon Valley, and one in Los Angeles. Pretty soon, we'll see these guys dancing all over the country.