Practice & games resume at Sage Park after shooting

Casual game.jpg
Casual game.jpg

Three days after shots were fired at Sage Park, Murphy & McGill-Toolen hit the soccer field and it was soccer practice as usual for area children.

"I think everybody's taking it seriously and doing what they can," Danielle James said.

James is the team manager for Soccer for Life. She was at the park when the shots rang out.

She says she's now taking safety precautions to make sure her players are safe.

"We're taking role before practice and during to make sure we know who's here and who's not here," she said. "In the event there's another incident then we'll have a role and be able to account for all of the kids."

James says since the shooting she reached out to MPD for close patrols.

"Just something where they are in the area but not necessarily sitting here and that's something we feel comfortable with," she said.

NBC 15 news saw MPD units pass by the park and a Mobile County deputy that Murphy hires to be present at their games was visible.

"I feel pretty ok because the soccer coach sent out a text saying law enforcement would be driving around the area," Ana Sias said.

Parents who have come to the park for years say the law enforcement presence brings comfort but they feel the shots were an isolated situation.

"My wife and I like to walk the track while he's practicing we've been coming out here for three or four years now and this is the first incident we've ever experienced," Eddie Reed said.