Orange Beach focused on safe Spring Break, crack down on underage drinking

WPMI(IMAGE:WPMI)Orange Beach focused on safe Spring Break, crack down on underage drinking

The push to keep Orange Beach a safe, family friendly destination continues as police crack down on Spring Breakers breaking the law.

Dozens of students have already been busted for drinking underage in the past week.

Susan Kaiser, a local mother, said it's a big deal to folks who live nearby.

"We welcome them, but don't be irresponsible about it. You know, I've got 3 small kids, and I don't want to be driving around with drunk drivers on the road," said Kaiser.

According to Orange Beach Police, a total of 48 Spring Breakers have been arrested since March 8, all for minor in possession of alcohol.

It’s a stern message to those looking to skirt the rules.

Will Crawley and Bryson Miller are students at Mississippi State.

"You should be smart enough not to drive with alcohol, and you should be smart enough not to drink while you're driving. So that's on them, if we're being completely honest," Crawley said.

The local push to crack down on spring breakers came after Panama City Beach did the same in 2015, due to disturbing, criminal incidents involving partiers.

Many folks were concerned those crowds would flock to the Alabama coast.

While the numbers this week may sound high, police say their zero tolerance policy has decreased illegal activity as a whole.

Felicia Marks, who's visiting from Mississippi with her daughter, said the effort hasn't gone unnoticed.

"If you've got a 10-year-old, you don't want her to see people with beer cans and different things. Family oriented and people getting along is a great thing," said Marks.

With St. Patrick's Day coming this weekend, partiers should also expect to see additional patrols out watching for illegal activity.