Watching the Gulf Update

(image: WPMI)

Just a Few Storms...Closely Watching the Gulf

Just a few storms around as we kick off a brand new workweek with near normal temps in the upper 80s along the Gulf Coast. Typical June weather...that's about to take a turn! I've been watching an area of the northwestern Caribbean since last week, expecting some type of tropical system to start developing in that area by the end of the weekend. Well, we're there and this broad, disorganized area of low pressure off the Yucatan is really trying to get its act together.


It appears likely a tropical depression or tropical storm will form in the far southern Gulf of Mexico near the Yucatan Peninsula during the day. The Hurricane Hunters are set to get a close look later today. Where the developing storm goes from there, still a LOT of question marks. The intensity forecast models do not show this system developing into a hurricane. Even if the storm doesn't close in our part of the Gulf Coast, it will generate large waves and rough surf for area beaches and could spread some bands of very heavy rain across our area. Still some time to watch how things evolve over the coming days, so keep checking back here on the website and on Local 15 News.

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