Can you spot a REAL Merry Widow?

(IMAGE:WPMI)Can you spot a REAL Merry Widow?

Each year during Mardi Gras, the Merry Widows of Joe Cain dress in black mourning clothes and lay a wreath at his burial site

A group in the Huntsville area is claiming to be the real Merry Widows.

NBC 15's Darwin Singleton sat down with the Merry Widows of Mobile and shows us how to spot the fake from the real

There are some words that will only trigger a true merry widow.

Saying "Graveyard" will make them cry.

Saying "Joe Cain" will make them sigh.

Saying "Sweet tea... with" will entice them and make them say "Oooh!"

Be warned, if you say "Yankee" they will exclaim in outrage.

Saying "Sue Ellen says Joe loved her best" will have them respond with contempt.

If you see a Merry Widow, go raise a glass to Joe with them.