People react to NAS shooting in Pensacola

(Image: WPMI) People react to NAS shooting in Pensacola
(Image: WPMI) People react to NAS shooting in Pensacola

Today's devastating events at the Pensacola Naval Air Station have taken a toll with people's emotions throughout Pensacola.

The Naval Air Station is a central part of who people are in the area.

Active military, retirees and people who work or know on base have all been affected.

This active shooting event is what people in Pensacola have been talking about all day, and it will be for weeks to come as the investigation continues.

Some are simply sad, others have a personal connection to the Naval Base.

What happened at the NAS this morning has had people on edge all day today. Not far from the base Brian Burkovich operates a kettle corn stand at Garden and Pace. Not knowing all the details early on had him worried.

"I want to know if this a military person or did someone slipped on to the base somehow, anything of that nature," said Burkovich.

Now that we know more about the potential suspect and shooter people like Cindy Martin say the gun violence has to stop. She has two daughters who work on base and today's news has her worried beyond the day's events.

"People called me they told me they had seen like 30 police cars going towards the naval base and I thought oh my God I have two daughters who work on the base so I kept trying to call and call and she didn't answer her phone so I called my other daughter and she said 'someone just got shot.' I feel for those families because I've lost a son before too my son was killed in gun violence so I know how they feel. Today will be a day they will never forget, they will never forget it. We might forget this day but they never forget it," said Martin.

Florida's Governor has ordered all flags to be flown at half staff in honor of all the victims.

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