115 Spring Break arrests so far in Okaloosa County Florida

Oka Arrest.JPG
(IMAGE:WPMI)115 Spring Break arrest so far in Okaloosa County Florida

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office says so far this year, deputies have already arrested 115 underage drinkers.

Take a look at this photo from the sheriff's office.

Some of these kids having some fun with their arrest photo.

The Sheriff leads with "I'm guessing they won't think its so fun when they have to pay heavy fines, court costs and attorney fees."

"It's something they better learn to take seriously.." the sheriff's office says, "there's a zero tolerance for underage drinking."

In Gulf Shores, an alcohol ban is already in place for the next several weeks because of spring break.

Alcohol is not allowed on Orange Beach's sandy shores any time of the year.