Alabama court upholds conviction of man who shot at Mobile cops

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Alabama court upholds conviction of Mobile cop killer

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals today upheld the conviction of a man charged with shooting at two Mobile police officers in 2015.

Ernest Marks was originally charged with two counts of attempted murder for firing at Mobile Police officer Zachary Jordan and Christopher Main in August of 2015 as they responded a domestic violence complaint at his home.

Officers returned fire and Marks was struck in the chest and arm, the officers were not injured.

Marks was ultimately convicted in August of 2017 of two counts of reckless endangerment and sentenced to 1 year in jail. Marks appealed the convictions alleging that the prosecutors violated his rights by striking 7 of 11 black members of the jury pool.

The appeals court ruled that the prosecutors based their dismissal of each of the 7 jurors on “race-neutral” factors and upheld his conviction.