High school freshman caught in crossfire of gas station robbery tells her story

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Savannah Burke was caught in the crossfire of robbery/shooting at the Citgo Gas Station on Riverside Drive. (WPMI)

Savannah Burke, a 15-year-old freshman at BC Rain High School, says she will never forget the night she walked in on a robbery.

She said that even though she turned around and ran, she couldn't outrun a bullet that went flying and hit her as she fled.

"I'm okay, doctors say that I'm lucky to be alive and walking around," Burke said.

Burke said she her brother-in-law had stopped to get a drink at the Citgo Gas Station when they walked in on the armed robbery.

"When we went to go inside we saw the guy holding up a gun ... We closed the door and we started running," she recalled. "I took maybe one or two steps and I felt it hit me, but my adreniline was rushing. I took off and when I got inside the car I said, 'I think I've been shot.'"

Burke said she then pulled up her shirt and saw the gunshot wound and blood.

The car that carried Burke, her brother-in-law and her older sister then sought help for the 15-year-old. They drove down a nearby street, Gill, and saw an ambulance that had responded to an unrelated medical call.

"They got out and started yelling, 'She's been shot, my sister's been shot!'" Burke said. That is when she was able to be transported to the hospital.

She said that the incident left her shaken, upset and paranoid.

"I was an innocent person," Burke said. "I was just going into a store -- I didn't think it would end up that way. Everywhere I go I have to turn and look."

In the midst of the madness, Burke also lost her wallet that carried money that was intended for a special event this weekend.

"[I lost] the money I had for homecoming, I had brought it in with me to get something to drink," Burke said. "When I was running back it fell, I didn't want to run back and get it. When I came back it was gone."

That's when Burke started a GoFundMe, not only for her $25 homecoming ticket and to have her makeup done, but also to help with medical bills, ambulance bills and all the costs inbetween.

Burke said through the experience that tomorrow isn't promised. "You might not have a tomorrow," she said. But, through it she has had the love and support of her family and friends.

"All my family and friends have called to check on me," she said. "I've had my entire family helping me."


To help Savannah with her homecoming and medical costs, you can donate at her GoFundMe page HERE.

You can see the full interview below.