Reality Check: Repeat offender charged with sexual torture, robbery, assault


Prichard police say a man who has been in and out of Metro jail and the state prison system over the years, is back behind bars once again after sexually abusing a woman and shooting a man.

The District Attorney says she'll push to make sure the suspect stays behind bars for good this time.

Over the years 31-year-old Derrick Myles has been no stranger to law enforcement.

In 2003 he was charged with murder for shooting and killing a man.

He was convicted of manslaughter for that case in 2005 and sent to prison, sentenced to 15 years.

Less than four years later, he was released in 2009.

That same year, he was arrested again for a burglary at a Kangaroo Express.

After making bail the DA's office says Myles committed another burglary.

"It just goes to show we have a revolving door. You get subjects who have repeated offenses, who go to prison and come right back out," said Prichard Police Sgt. Robert Martin

In 2012 he entered a plea and was sent back to prison.

He got out again in December of 2016. Today, he's back in Metro Jail.

Prichard Police say last week Myles shot a man during a robbery.

Then on May 1st, police say he sexually abused a woman he didn't know, robbed her then later broke into her home.

"I can't go into the extent of what he did but it was something against her will. And being that we charged him with sexual torture, that will probably be amended. After speaking with the DA we'll amend to sexual abuse 1st," said Martin.

Prichard Police made the arrest last night while doing hot spot policing in the area of Gulf Village.

"We tried to make a stop on the vehicle and the subject fled and led us on a small foot pursuit," said Sgt. Martin.

District Attorney Ashley Rich said on Monday she'll ask a judge for no bond.

Local 15 reached out to a spokesperson with the Department of Corrections to ask why Myles served so little time, but we haven't heard back.