MPD: Christmas “Grinch” steals gifts from vehicles, police catch him on bicycle

(image: MPD) MPD: DARREN DEON STALLWORTH arrested on bike with garbage bag full of stolen wrapped presents

Police say a Mobile man didn't get far after stealing wrapped birthday and Christmas gifts from a family's unlocked vehicles early Thursday morning.

It happened on Upham Street in midtown Mobile.

As the Hambright family slept, you may say a “Grinch” crept onto their property.

"I just think the guy happened by the cars and couldn't believe how many packages were there and just tried to take everything," said Brandon Hambright.

Unfortunately their "guard" cat Oliver didn't try and stop the crime. Police say 22-year-old Darren Stallworth broke into three of the family's vehicles leaving with gifts galore, including their four year old's wrapped birthday gifts and wrapped Christmas presents among other things.

"There was also a bowling bag with two bowling balls. So anyway as I was driving my kids to school I found my dad's bowling bag on the side of the road. I guess he got tired of carrying that," said Brandy Hambright.

What's crazy is police say Stallworth didn’t even have getaway car. He was on a bicycle carrying the gifts when police spotted him near Spring Hill Avenue and Florence Place around 5:45 am.

"The officer said they were coming down in a squad car and saw this guy riding holding all kinds of Christmas presents and said he didn't look much like Santa so he thought he might ask him a few questions and the guy dropped everything and ran," said Brandon Hambright.

Now, Stallworth is in jail.

"The amount of stuff the guy made off with on foot or on bike is incredible. And I can't even, it's hilarious to imagine him riding down the street with all these gifts," said Mr. Hambright.

According to jail records, this was Stallworth's first arrest in Mobile County.