Dog found shot along side of road in Saraland

(IMG:MGN) Dog found shot along side of road in Saraland

A German Shepherd was found along Shelton Beach Rd in Saraland with an apparent gunshot wound to the middle of his head.

“His leash was laying right beside him and the gunshot wound was very apparent right in the middle of his head,” said Kathy Gifford, who found the dog on the side of the road.

Gifford is one of several people responding to a Facebook post on the Mobile SPCA Lost and Found Facebook Group about this dog.

“He was fabulously well kept. He had a very expensive collar and leash it seemed to be. He had on a flea collar. His teeth were pearly white; his hair was immaculate. He was just a very well kept dog,” added Gifford.

Executive Director for the Mobile SPCA, Janine Woods, questions the death of the dog citing it as an inhumane act on an innocent animal.

“To me the worst part about this is the dog was shot. What kind of person would shoot a dog in the head and leave it on the side of the road? What are they thinking?” said Woods.

Saraland Animal Control tells NBC 15 they picked the dog up on Wednesday and scanned it for a microchip and looked for some form of identification, but nothing has linked the dog to an owner.

If you have any information about the owner of this dog, please call Saraland Animal Control at (251) 679-5570 or Mobile SPCA at (251) 633-353.