Sen. Strange, Moore face off in heated debate

Senator Luther Strange and Roy Moore faced off in a heated debate in the State Capitol on Thursday night. (WPMI) 

Senator Luther Strange and Roy Moore faced off in a heated debate in the State Capitol on Thursday night.

Sen. Strange and Moore addressed why they believe they're the right pick for voters but took plenty of shots at each other in the process.

The candidates took the stage to debate with plenty of supporters largely split between two sides of the room.

Sen. Strange and Moore talked about why the people of Alabama should vote for them and why voters shouldn't elect their opponent.

Incumbent Senator Strange repeatedly invoked his support from President Trump as a selling point along with his experience in Washington.

"I could give a speech about this all day. He wants someone that's done it, someone that knows how to win," said Senator Strange,"I know how to get this done and that's why he's endorsed me in this race. That's why he's coming to Alabama tomorrow night."

Senator Strange also reiterated his plans to help President Trump repeal Obamacare, build the wall and address DACA.

Meanwhile, Roy Moore highlighted his own military experience and grass-roots campaign.

Moore promised to support President Trump's goals and to "drain the swamp".

Moore also slammed Strange's history as a Washington lobbyist and his campaign fundraising methods.

"The people of Alabama should be very concerned when $30 million comes from Washington DC to make you choose who you want for United States Senate," Moore said.

In the rare "Lincoln/Douglas" style debate, each candidate had an opening statement a and a closing statement.

In between, the candidates spoke unfiltered with only a time keeper regulating the discussion.

We spoke to Strange after the debate about his reliance on President Trumps support.

(What difference does it make you having that close personal relationship with the President as opposed to Roy Moore?) "Just take a couple issues, like healthcare for example. My opponent says he's not supporting Graham-Cassidy. I'm talking to the president about how can we make it better," said Senator Strange.

Moore had to leave but his supporters also answered the same question.

"Donald Trump sees the ability to own a state senator versus having a reliable conservative senator in Washington," Moore said.

Former governor Sarah Palin rallied in Montgomery on Thursday night in support of Roy Moore.

President Donald Trump will be visiting in Huntsville Friday night to share his support for Luther Strange.