Mobile dog breeder cited 9 times by the city


Neighbors near Dog River are clashing over one neighbor's dog breeding hobby, saying it's creating a major nuisance. The city is also weighing in citing that breeder nine times in a little more than a year. Local 15's Andrea Ramey spoke to both sides.

If you think it'd be peaceful living on Perch Creek, think again. Neighbors near this Staples Road home say the smell and constant sound of dogs barking is maddening.

"It's a constant, non-stop, all day and all night, non-stop barking," said Bradley Schuler.

And it doesn't matter if you're two doors down, like Schuler, or 10 doors down like Allison Jefferson. The complaints are the same.

"It's constant. Every single. There goes no one night where I can't hear them. I hear them every single night," said Jefferson.

"My nerves are completely frayed. I'm having trouble sleeping, and it's not because of dogs barking," said Cindy Wallen.

It's because Wallen owns the Pomeranians and breeds them. Eighteen are in her backyard now, but she says she owns 29.

It's not just neighbors complaining. City Animal Control has cited her nine times since April of last year: 8 times for excessive barking that created a public nuisance and once for not providing shelter.

But Wallen feels she's the victim here.

"It really amounts to harassment . There's really no parameters a breeder can function if they have a neighbor that complains," said Wallen.

"So you don't think your dogs are a nuisance? The barking?" asked Ramey.

"None of my other immediate neighbors have considered them a nuisance," said Wallen.

"You're losing your quality of life, you're losing your property values," said Schuler.

Wallen has appealed the citations to Mobile County Circuit Court, and a trial is scheduled for September. In the meantime, neighbors will have to learn to live with the dogs.